TRINITY DIH Agile Production Open Call for up to €300,000

Aug 05, 2019

TRINITY invites SME-led consortia of 1–3 partners to become TRINITY demonstrators. You will participate in a 6–12-month presentation, where you will be able to showcase your ideas or test out TRINITY demonstrators. Participants will get up to €300,000 funding per presentation and will be supported by TRINITY.

The initial TRINITY demonstrators will serve as reference implementation for two rounds of open calls for proposals; this is where companies with agile production needs and sound business plans will be supported—both financially and technically—by TRINITY to carry out experiments in industrial environments.

TRINITY open calls will be launched soon, so keep a close eye on F6S platform and do not miss it!

If you want to learn more about the TRINITY DIH demonstrations, click here.

TRINITY is a network of digital innovation hubs in advanced robotics, cybersecurity, and industrial IoT. TRINITY aims to:

  1. Improve the agility and innovation capabilities of European manufacturing companies, and
  2. Bring together both the research and industrial communities in Europe with the objective of developing and helping companies of all sizes to implement and benefit from new digital and robotic technologies.

TRINITY will create a digital access point to facilitate collaboration, networking, and disseminate information and knowledge to the wider robotics research community and industry in Europe.