FSTP Working Group First Phase: Evaluation & Best Practice

Nov 12, 2021

This document provides an evaluation of the operation of the Funding Support to Third
Parties (FSTP) Instrument based on the operational experience of six projects working with
the Instrument in the area of robotics development and exploitation. The aim is to give some
practical best practice guidance plus and evaluation of operational benefits and difficulties of
the instrument. The document summarises the first phase output of the RODIN Working
Group set up to discuss practical experience of operating the FSTP instrument.
The FSTP Working Group was originally set up with the 5 IA projects that are running the
Networks of Digital Innovation Hubs in robotics, i.e. agROBOfood, DIH2, HERO, RIMA &
TRINITY. The need for the Working Group was identified at the RODIN Summer Camp on 11th
& 12th June 2020.

FSTP Working Group Phase 1 – Evaluation & Best Practice Issue 1