Discover the latest open calls of the RObotics Digital Innovation Network to accelerate your business growth with robotics!
Check out the latest Open Call for agile robotic solutions and the evolution of your SME! Increase the productivity of your business by robotization with the financial and technological support of Trinity.
Connect with and learn from a healthcare robotics network - apply for a Travel Voucher to find your partners and Open Call for healthcare robotics solutions! Increase the productivity of your business by robotization with the financial and technical support of DIH-HERO.
Check out the innovations in Manufacturing Robotics and Agile Production throughout a network of over 300,000 SMEs and Mid-Caps across Europe. Unleash the digitalization potential of your SME or Mid-Cap by enabling cost-effective and efficient robot solutions.
Apply to RIMA Network's Open Call for Inspection and Maintenance and get up to €100 000 equity-free funding! Get help with networking and training to develop novel solutions in technology transfer and development for your SME with RIMA Network.
AgROBOfood is working to nurture the effective adoption of robotics technologies in the European agri-food sector. Grow your European agri-food SME with the funding, networking, and expertise of the AgROBOfood ecosystem.
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The RODIN project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825263.

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